Blog 180

Your blog. Your journey. 180 days.

To start a successful blog you need to blah blah blah...

Reading about starting a blog is easy.

Researching how to start a blog is easy.

Thinking about starting a blog is easy.

You know what's hard?

The action of starting a blog and sticking with it.

If you've ever set a goal in your life you know how important it is to attach a deadline to it.

A goal without a deadline is a hope and a wish.

Attaching a deadline to a goal gives you something solid to aim for and it is no different with your blog.

Hello, Blog 180

Blog 180 is a mission.

What can you do with your blog in 180 days?

You are going to find out because you are going to follow me.

In a span of 180 days you are going to work on your blog and get it up to $1,000 a month.

And guess what?

I'm going to be building a brand new blog right along with you.

You won't have me as a cheerleader on the sidelines. Instead, I'll be the bus driver on this journey.

Every week you will be prompted with new tasks to tackle for your blog.

Consider Blog 180 to be your blog project manager.

How Does It Work?

I started the Billionaire Blog Club because there is a lot to learn with blogging.

A lot.

So much so that it is overwhelming.

Where do you start? What do you do next?

These are the questions that hold many people back. Instead of moving forward they stand still because they aren't sure if the next step is the right step.

Look, you can only research how to start a blog for so long before actually doing it.

Blog 180 is going to help you with the doing it part.

Every week you'll be sent a list of tasks to accomplish for your blog during the week.

You, along with everyone else in the Blog 180 Community, will tackle your tasks, help each other out, and prepare yourselves for the next week.

The goal is to guide you towards $1,000 in revenue for your blog in 6 months.

Just $1,000?!

Look, I know you read other income reports about how people are making $1,234,834,230,122 a month blogging and that's great but everybody starts at $0.

Anyone can make their first $1,000 within 90 days but setting a goal of 180 days makes things feel less overwhelming.

In Blog 180, you are trying to make money as fast as you can with your blog without the pressure of feeling like it needs to be done tomorrow.

What's Included?

So you start off with the basics of getting a list of weekly tasks to accomplish for your blog.

These tasks are meant to be easily accomplished even for the busiest of people (like you).

But if all you had was a list of task each week then that might not super helpful.

You deserve more.

Private Slack Group

Access to private Slack group. Ever wanted to chat with bloggers in realtime to ask questions and share your experiences? Here's your chance. Plus, you'll get full access to me (wheeeee) so you can ask all of the questions that you want.

Weekly Videos

Weekly follow along videos. I will be starting a blog from scratch and sharing with you weekly videos on my progress and how I do things.

The Goal

The main goal of Blog 180 is to give you the encouragement to not only get your blog off the ground but to build up momentum so you end up with a business.

You'll also be provided with support and guidance. Two things all bloggers need.

Blog 180 Begins May 12th

Because this is a set 6 months it isn't a program that is always open. Registration is open from May 6th - May 11th. After that I don't know if I'll do this again.

This isn't a course. If you want courses to learn every single step of building a successful blog then check out the Billionaire Blog Club.

In fact, Billionaire Blog Club members get access to Blog 180 for free.

Blog 180 is a rolling price system.

The sooner you sign up, the more you save.


If you want to get a lifetime of blog learning then check out the Billionaire Blog Club. You'll get automatic access to Blog 180 as well.