Let Other Bloggers Learn From Your Income Reports While You Learn From Theirs

Blogging income reports can be a valuable tool to learning about how other people build successful blogs.

The Billionaire Blog Club allows you to privately share your own income reports with Members while viewing the other income reports that users share.


Every day more and more people are getting into blogging and as you know, blogging is one of those things where you love to uncover what other people are doing to grow.

Unfortunately, many people feel that they shouldn’t post public income reports for varying reasons.

The Billionaire Blog Club wants you to feel safe with reporting the details of your blog.

The sole goal (hey, that rhymes) is to learn from each other.

How It Works

Each month, members write their income reports in Google Docs and share them with the Club.

However, you don’t get to view other members’ income reports until you’ve submitted your own for the month.

For example, Sally, Bob, and Phil all create income reports and submit them to the Billionaire Blog Club.

Bobby wants to read their income reports but he can’t until he submits his own income report and it’s approved.

The idea is that everyone learns from everyone while also contributing themselves.

You can decide if you want to make your income reports public, however, to view the current month’s income reports of members you need to submit you own.

How Much?

Joining the Billionaire Blog Club is free and there is no intention to ever collect any type of payment.

The goal is for everyone to learn so anyone that is willing to write an income report for their site can get in.