Boo vs Goo

A Tale of Two Bloggers

Before we jump into the formula I want you to think about yourself.

I want you to think about what goes on in your mind when you need to find an answer to something.

You go out looking for the answer, correct?

Maybe you ask a friend or you go to Google or you browse Pinterest.

Either way, you go somewhere for the answer.

Everybody does this. They need an answer and they go looking for someone to provide them with it.

Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this...

Blogging follows a very basic formula:

Write content that people want to read + promote that content to the people that want to read it.

That. Is. It.

Yep, go and shoot me.

I don't blame you.

It took me years to realize this not because it isn't the most obvious thing in the world, but because I didn't want to believe it was that easy.

It came down to my mentality...

Goo’s Triumph

Goo decided that it was time to restart and she was going to do it because she wants a better lifestyle.

To achieve that it means opening up her mind and accepting some hard truths. It means being able to step back and see if she's making the right progress or random progress.

Goo decides to pick a bigger niche, one with an established audience that has no problem spending money.

She decides to start off with the type of content that other big players in her niche write about. That doesn't mean she's boring. It means she sees what works and put her spice into it.

Before you know it, this new blog has achieved in a month what her other blog had achieved in years.

Everyday she is learning. She's taking the knowledge that others have provided and doing her own critical thinking around it.

She applies what has been working for others and then seeing how she can make it better.

By no means is she close to expert status but she's better today than she was yesterday.

Eventually she makes enough from her blog to quit her job.

She finally understands what it feels like to put 100% focus on her life and her experiences.

Boo vs Goo

I think most bloggers start off as Boo. The good ones are able to switch from a Boo mindset to a Goo mindset but it doesn't happen as often as you think.

Why is that?

It requires a completely different mindset...