Boo vs Goo

A Tale of Two Bloggers

Maybe you're not cut out for this blogging thing.

I'm saying that now because it might very well be true. It's a truth that you might have to accept.

Not everybody can be a successful blogger.

It has nothing to do with how much money they can invest or how much time.

It doesn't come down to their intelligence or personality.

It comes down to their mentality.

And some people just don't have it.

They think they have it, but they don't.

To help illustrate this thought a bit better I'm going to tell you the story of two bloggers, Boo & Goo.

Stupid names? Of course, they have stupid names but that shouldn't take away from the impact of this story.

The Origin of Boo

Boo is smart and has a decent job. Boo doesn't make a ton of money but enough money where he doesn't have to look around for more work.

However, he's been seeing how some people are actually making money blogging.

Some are making less, some are making more. This intrigues Boo because he knows he's smarter than a lot of these people. At the very least, he knows the successful bloggers aren't that much smarter than him.

Boo sets off to read other bloggers to see what they say about blogging. As they talk about following their passion and building an audience, Boo nods his head.

It all makes perfect sense.

Start a blog, write stuff you love, and somehow promote it to people.

From there you get to make money.

Simple enough.

Boo sits down to think of his passions and comes up with a nice list. He decides that he's going to write about Artic Food. He knows that nobody else talks about this so it's going to be perfect.

The Origin of Goo

Goo doesn't seem that much different from Boo. She has a job and is comfortable but deep down she feels as though she is meant for more.

Life isn't about a routine of going to work and making someone else rich while you have to struggle experiencing the life you want.

Life is about experiences and she wants more of them.

She's seen how bloggers can make decent money with blogging and she knows that if she can make some or all of her current salary from blogging, then that will allow her to experience life again.

She finds some awesome bloggers to follow. She signs up for their mailing lists and they offer her great advice.

She decides that she is going to blog about activities in her County. Why? Because she loves her County and wants to help the locals discover things they can do.

What a great idea.

Same Origins

As you can see, the origins of Boo and Goo are pretty similar. You probably share some of their origins as well.

Your's might be a little different.

Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom that wants to bring home some of the bread.

Maybe you're retired and want to do more than just sit around.

Maybe you have no job at all and am wondering if there really is something out there for you.

The point is almost all of us get into blogging because it offers some type of change.

The question is why do some people get to experience the change and others don't?

Let's continue the story of Boo & Goo →