Boo vs Goo

A Tale of Two Bloggers

We now continue the journey of Boo & Goo.

Let's see what they are up to...

Boo’s Frustration

Boo has been at this blogging thing for 3 months now. He's spent thousands of dollars on courses and books, gone through them, and is still seeing the same results.

He can't figure out what is wrong but he knows he can't be the problem. He must be missing something.

All of the blog resources that he has purchased must be missing the one thing...


The only reason other bloggers are succeeding and he is failing is because he is missing the big secret.

He subscribes to more bloggers and purchases more courses. Each one offers a little bit of a different perspective but they still provide the same results.

Boo eventually gets frustrated and realizes that blogging isn't just for him.

Sadly he lets his domain name expire and goes back to do what he was doing before.

Goo’s Frustration

Goo almost has a similar story. She has purchased a number of books and courses hoping to discover why her County blog isn't taking off.

Eventually she sits down one day, looks at all of the other bloggers she admires and comes to a realization about what they are doing.

While they all talk about following their passions, they also seem to be in big niches with big audiences.

Some of them have even made the transition from one niche to how to make money.

This is kind of curious because it seems like all of the bloggers that are talking about their success, none of them are doing it in small niches.

Another interesting thing is that they all seem to write list posts, how-tos, tutorials, and other similar pieces of content.

It's never really about them, it's about their audience.

This the complete opposite of what she has been doing.

She decides to go through their archives and discovers that many of them have been at this for a while AND THEY'VE ALL BEEN CONSISTENT with their writing and publishing.

There is no off and on phase. It's always on.

It's almost like they have a completely different mentality than she had so she makes a conscious decision to let go of what she thinks she should do and focuses on what others have done before her.

She discovers that all big bloggers follow a very basic formula. They don't veer from this formula because there is no reason to.

It seems so obvious now that she is kind of annoyed that she didn't spot it earlier.

This feels like a complete reset. She knows she has to start all over again beacuse what she's been doing isn't the path to success that she wants.

The question is will she start over?

The Blogging Formula

What if I told you that blogging had a very basic formula, that if you follow, you would find success?

Would you believe me?

Some of you might take note of my success with blogging and think that I have to kind of know what I'm talking about. At least a little bit, right?

Others might already be rolling their eyes because to them there is no formula that can break down the complexities of blogging.

But there is. I promise you.

The bloggers that stick to the formula succeed and those that don't wander around aimlessly wondering what went wrong.

Ready to see the formula?