Billionaire Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Blog Revenue Generating Course

Here’s a secret that other bloggers don’ tell you:

Making money with affiliate marketing is a lot harder than it seems.

Unfortunately, you can't just post some links on your blog and watch the money roll in.

You have to actively put in work for those affiliate links to actually make you money.

You can't just post an affiliate link on your blog and watch the passive income roll in.

You have to understand your audience and their problems.

Is this a lot of money? Nope. But it's not too bad for a blog that is just 45 days old.

Let Me Know if Any of These Are You...

You've been grinding for months on your blog and made $0...

You aren't quite sure how to find the right affiliate product for your audience...

You don't have 40 hours a week to devote to promoting all of your affiliate products...

You've read all of the free Affiliate Marketing blog posts and tried those strategies but they don't seem to be moving the needle like they should...

Guess what? I've been all of these things above.

Affiliate Marketing Is Deeper Than the Basics

What do I mean by this?

It's easy for me to tell you to do the following:

  • Sign up for Amazon
  • Find cool products
  • Put the product links into blog posts
  • Promote the posts
  • Sit back and wait

If that's really all it took then you wouldn't need any book or course on Affiliate Marketing. But those things are just the minimum you need to do to even have a chance of success with Affiliate Marketing.

The fact of the matter is that more and more bloggers are becoming aware of the power of Affiliate Marketing. That means there are more people looking to get an edge in promoting the products that you are promoting.

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers in your niche have more success with Affiliate Marketing than you?

What makes their strategy so special?

You'll learn the answer to this question in Billionaire Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Is Like Building a House

When I first started with affiliate marketing I was hopeful of making money right away.

When I didn't, I would take a break from it and then try it again a couple months later.

The problem with this approach is that my house kept on getting knocked down.

What I mean is that if you continue to work on your affiliate marketing efforts every month, you'll continue to build upon the foundation which will see your revenue grow.

However, you want to make sure you are taking the right steps and using the right strategies for this.

Take a Second and Imagine This World...

You've written an epic blog post that has some affiliate links.

You are seriously proud of this bad boy and can't wait to share it with the world.

In fact, it's so good that I wish that I had written it.

You create a pin for Pinterest that is just as epic.

You're excited because you know when you pin this pin, the seeds of growth will be put into motion.

You're going to get the traffic that you deserve which is going to lead to the email subscribers that you deserve which is going to lead to the revenue that you deserve.

You post the pin on Pinterest (using strategies found in Billionaire Pinterest) and anxiously wait to see what happens.

The next day you see 100s of people visiting the post. A couple days later it's now 1000s of people visiting the post.

This leads to growth in revenue and you start to see awesome numbers like this:

Everyday you're making money because you put in a little bit of effort with a blog post.

Who Is Billionaire Affiliate Marketing for?

The blogger that understands generating passive income takes active work.

The people that are able to quit their jobs and live off of affiliate marketing revenue put in work daily to ensure they are slowly building up their empire.

That requires the knowledge of different strategies as you can see in this lesson from the course:


Who Shouldn't Bother with Billionaire Affiliate Marketing?

People that expect the course to do the work for them or don't want to spend time writing blog posts and building an audience.

Billionaire Affiliate Marketing: Course

This course has been completely redone from the ground up and contains over 4 hours of video.

While length isn't the best measure of quality, it's important that you get the most thorough coverage of Affiliate Marketing strategies available.

And that requires a lot of videos.

22 Videos Diving Into Numerous Affiliate Marketing Strategies

View live stats from my blogs to see how I handle traffic fluctuations and discover how I hunt down new affiliate marketing opportunities.

I'll walk you through the complete Affiliate Marketing process that I go through for every single one of my blogs along with the things that I look for in building a successful passive income generating machine.

I leave nothing out.

What’s Inside

You can take a look at the lesson list to see that the course covers a healthy number of topics.

With over 4 hours of video you'll be a Affiliate Marketing Master over the weekend.

You'll also gain access to the wonderful Billionaire Blog Club Slack group where you can discuss blog strategies in realtime with other bloggers.

1 What Is Affiliate Marketing?
2 Why You Should Use Affiliate Marketing
3 Understanding Your Audience's Problems and Needs
4 How to Gain Trust and Build Authority
5 How to Find Affiliate Programs
6 Things to Look for in an Affiliate Program
7 How to Choose the Right Products to Promote
8 How Affiliate Links Work
9 Adding Affiliate Links to Your Blog
10 Understanding Deep Linking
11 Using Disclosures
12 Summary of Affiliate Marketing Strategies
13 Writing Reviews
14 Writing How-Tos
15 Creating a Resources Page
16 Conducting Interviews
17 Utilizing Email Sequences
18 Creating a Launch Sequence
19 Using Email Challenges
20 Gift Guides
21 The Value of Evergreen Posts
22 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes