Billionaire Blogging SEO Marketing

The Ultimate Google Optimized SEO Course


Search. Engine. Optimization.

Seems like a phrase that is meant for experts, right?

It's much easier to just stick to writing content without worrying about internal SEO or external links or pagespeed or any of those other crazy things.

But for the long term success of your blog, mastering SEO is important.


Because you want to build up different traffic streams.

If all of your traffic comes from one place, then what happens when that place stops sending traffic?

Uh oh.

You Don't Need to Master SEO or Make It Your Life

There are SEO experts out there where all they do is SEO.

That's their only focus. Seriously.

Imagine if you had to watch paint dry for a living. You'd be happier than the SEO professional.

However, to do well with SEO you don't need to master SEO. You just need to understand what you need to do to play it to your advantage.

That's what Billionaire Blogging SEO is all about.

It's the next premium course in the Billionaire Blog Club and it's going to walk you through all of the steps that I take to do well in Google search rankings.


This is a pre-launch event. I never do these for courses but because it's the Holiday season I figured let's spread that joy around.

29 videos. 4 hours of video content.

Walk through every step you need to finally understand SEO.

You'll get lifetime access to all updates and you can finally stop wondering why Google doesn't love your site.