The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

Ch 8. Your Social Presence

Updated: March 30, 2017

One of the biggest mistakes that beginning bloggers make is thinking that they need to be on every social media platform at once.

Don't do that.

Pick one and focus on that until you have mastered it.

Not every social media platform is going to provide the same return on investment for you.

For example, if you run a fashion blog then you probably don't want to spend most of your time on Twitter. Instagram is going to be where the action is.

If you run a food blog then Pinterest and Instagram can be great resources for you.

Which Social Media Platform Should You Pick?

My advice is to always run to Pinterest first because it can provide you with quick results.

Pinterest is great for most niches and it helps me achieve 100s of thousands of page views every single month to my blogs.

If you want to learn more about how you can master Pinterest you can become a pro member or check out these posts that I've written on the subject:

Establishing Your Brand Across Platforms

One of the most important aspects of having your brand across different social media platforms is consistency.

Your voice and brand assets need to be consistent because you never know where someone is going to encounter your brand.

Consistency means that you are using the same colors, voice, logos, avatars, and any other assets that your brand uses.

With your voice, you don't want to be serious on Twitter and joking on Instagram.

Consistency across social media platforms helps to strengthen your brand.

What Is This?

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on Blogging.

Instead of having to run around reading different blog posts or buy books and courses showing you how to get started with a blog, I've created this guide for you.

It covers all of the basics that you'll need to not only start a blog, but also make it successful.

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