Hello and Welcome to the Billionaire Blog Club.

The blogging experience that helps you transform your hobby into a business you love.

Ask yourself a simple question: is it better to make money quickly and grow it or to spend your time experimenting with the hope that one day you will make money?

This isn't a question most bloggers ask themselves when they start on their journey but it is something they end up experiencing anyways.

A Different Approach to Blogging

You've probably heard other bloggers tell you how anybody can start a blog and make great money. It's so easy!

Well, technically anybody can start a blog but not everybody can make it a success.

I currently run 13 blogs in a number of different niches. Why?

Because I need to make sure that the things I teach you can be applied across a number of different topics and interests.

That's what makes the Billionaire Blog Club different.

You aren't learning how to make a successful blog that talks about how to make money.

You're not only making money with your web hosting affiliate links.

You're laying the foundation to build the brand and business that you want and I know it works because I keep on doing it over and over and over again.

What Hilda has to say...

I joined BBC as a beginner blogger. My only experience was 8 months worth of blogging and zero page views. I felt lost every time I tried to learn how to blog due to the sheer amount of information out there.

And even when I did get information, there was no hand-holding, nobody explaining the why’s and everything just seemed kind of mystical and super difficult. I already had my eyes on another promising blog course, when I stumbled upon Scrivs’s blog, Obstacle.co.

I don't lie when I say, it has absolutely rocked my blogging world in the very best way possible. I joined BBC because I immediately loved his casual, no-nonsense style.

The way he talks about blogging is completely different than I have ever heard before. He gave me hope that I, beginner that I am, can succeed.

He demystified blogging and made the process available step-by-step. In just a few short months, my blog, has a couple thousand page views and growing.

I have learned tons of strategies and set up a clear path for my blogging journey. I can talk to Scrivs whenever I need help and he always patiently walks me though my problem. He encourages me and doesn’t let me lose hope when I feel I cannot do it.

He doesn’t try to make money off me and stop caring. He truly puts himself out there for all of us members, he does way more than what we paid for. He goes over and beyond in training and helping his members to success.

I only have one problem with BBC: that I haven’t found him sooner.


Do you know what’s the hardest part about making money with a blog?


Most bloggers don't make over $1,000 with their blog during it's whole existence.

If I told you that you were going to work on something for months or even years and only make $900 would you still do it?

If your answer is "yes" then please spend those hours volunteering and making the world a better place.

If you are doing something for a hobby that is okay but when you have a dream of quitting your job or making enough money so your partner can quit theirs, then a couple hundred a year from a blog isn't going to cut it.

Hell, a couple thousand isn't going to do much either.

You’ve probably been to the sites where bloggers promise to help you replicate their success with a blog that follows your passion.

You listen.

You follow.

You fail.

What Gina and Shaun have to say...

My boyfriend and I have been using BBC slowly but surely over the past few months. While I follow the steps about 4x slower than directed (this is a case where I LITERALLY don't have the time during pharmacy school), I found it has been really useful in setting up your blog.

It gives a great idea of what you should be doing and when, as well as makes it fun (not stressful) to complete blog activities. I can't wait to be able to use BBC when I have free time during the summer to really kickstart my blog.

I trust Scrivs to relay his process and build an infrastructure that can be used by anyone willing to construct it. I feel like I can buy anything from him assured to be getting the proper return and value to my own life.

Therefore, he has built trust in his business and mannerisms and I appreciate his honesty. I think BBC is the MOST valuable blogging product I have ever stumbled upon. If you want a product that's clear, easy to follow, useful and comprehensive, buy into BBC.

Gina and Shaun

There is an unhealthy amount of information out there that tries to teach you how to blog like someone else.

Nobody wants to waste time on their blogging journey taking steps that aren’t going to help them.

That includes you.

What Lisa has to say...

While I haven't been a member for very long, I can confidently testify that joining BBC was one of the best decisions and investments I've made in my blogging journey to date.

Since I am technologically challenged, I am following the calendar and am performing the recommended tasks. When I get to topics for which I need more info, the courses go into much more detail.

But I have to say my favorite part about BBC is the community. I love that I can earn "points" by helping out fellow members, then trade them in on getting help that I need. When I first joined I felt overwhelmed and ignorant, but the community on Slack quickly made me feel welcome and part of "the group."

I have no doubt that if I had a question that someone else had dealt with, I could post that question, and probably instantly get several really good answers.

I have already gotten so much from the program, and I have truly just scratched the surface! Thank you for all your hard work, and put me on the list of affiliate partners! I have already recommended BBC on some other blog sites.

Lisa Williams

Let's be honest. Some of it is your fault. The first person you need to look at for your own failures and successes is yourself.

There is enough information spread all around the web for you to find that will help turn you into a successful blogger. The problem is that it is all spread around and most people don't even know what to look for.

Some of it is their fault because they didn't share some things with you like not every niche can make great money with a blog.

It’s a lot easier to make money teaching other people how to make money than it is teaching people how to build model trains.

It would be nice to know these things before you spend months of your life trying to figure out how this blogging thing works.

You want to start a blog that you love but you also want to start a blog that makes a lot of money.

If you don't want to start a blog that makes a lot of money then you don't need this site.

I'm serious. There is a lot more text after this so you might want to spend your time more wisely elsewhere.

Hopes, Dreams and Snake Oil

First, I think it's important to address the name Billionaire Blog Club.

That sounds downright pretentious and it probably is but it should be.

How many bloggers that teach other bloggers how to make money have students that make as much as them or even close to what they make?

It seems like the only people making it big are the people teaching others how to make it big.

While you can't hold everyone's hand and build their blog for them I do think you can provide them with every single piece of information possible to help make them a success.

There is so much stuff that the big bloggers know that you don't and they learned it over a long period of time.

They'll teach you some of this stuff but it's usually broken up into different courses and books.

That helps them maximize the money that they make which is understandable.

The problem is there are still gaps in knowledge that you need to fill in some way.

The successful bloggers find a way to fill in those gaps while everyone else continues to go around hoping luck will finally strike.

Some people just don't deserve to have a successful blog.

I'm not afraid to say it.

That's why I created the Billionaire Blog Club because there are some bloggers willing to do whatever it takes to make good money with their blog.


The name comes from the idea that if I can help get 999 other smart bloggers together then over the next couple of years we can each push each other to make $1,000,000.

1,000 people making $1,000,000 equals $1,000,000,000 total.

One. Billion. Dollars.

If this sounds ridiculous to you then you probably want to get off this train.

What Mary Beth has to say...

If you are thinking about creating a blog and have no clue where to start, or if you’ve been blogging for what seems like forever (like me!) and you’re just not getting the page views and income you were hoping for, then Billionaire Blog Club is what you need.

I’ve taken MANY blogging courses and read MANY blogging e-books, but there is nothing that compares to the straightforward advice and actual one on one help you will get from Scrivs at Billionaire Blog Club.

You’ll have a step by step guide to getting started and access to video tutorials for everything from setting up hosting and analytics to making affiliate sales. (If you don’t know what any of that means yet, don’t worry, you soon will).

But this is more than just courses to run through. This is an actual community of bloggers who will feel like your coworkers, not just faceless facebook accounts.

There is always someone available to cheer you on, celebrate wins and answer your questions (no matter how simple or difficult!). Start here and you will build a foundation that will get you the results you want.

Mary Beth Santos

Problem #1: Finding Information

Here is a list of subjects that every blogger that makes 6+ figures on their blog knows:

  • Finding the right SUCCESSFUL niche
  • Only writing content that will be successful
  • Only creating products that sell
  • Only spending time on promoting in the places that have a good return on investment
  • How to get more done in a shorter amount of time
  • How to create perfect sales funnels
  • How to build their audience
  • Finding new opportunities for growth and exploiting them
  • Telling a compelling story
  • Building a connection with their audience

If you aren't nailing all of these things then you aren't making 6 figures with your blog. Hell, you'll be lucky to make 5.

Some people trip and fall into some of these things by accident without knowing it but they definitely check all of them off.

This is where I'm betting on you.

I'm betting that if you had access to all of the material that the best bloggers know about you could make a 6 or 7-figure blog.

I don't mean links to other resources. I mean everything all in one place.

There are two types of blogging courses that you can find on the web:

  1. Goes deep into one specific topic (ex. Getting Your First 1,000 Subscribers)
  2. Goes wide but not very deep into any specific topic (ex. How to Start a Blog and Make Money)

I tried to go that route by creating multiple courses and you know what happened? People kept asking me how they do something else.

That sucks.

Imagine you could log into Billionaire Blog Club and find a whole course on a topic you know you need to master to grow your blog business.

Instead of giving you a nice round up of things you should do on Pinterest, you will get a whole Pinterest course.

Instead of getting some basic SEO tips you will get a whole course on SEO.

Billionaire Blog Club will be the first and last place you go to learn about a blogging topic.

Course Philosophy

I believe in getting fast results. When you get fast results you stay motivated to keep going.

If you start a diet and lose 3 lbs. over the weekend you are more likely to stick with it.

Blogging should be no different.

There is no reason a course should have info that doesn't benefit you right now.

In the first year the goal is to have Billionaire Blog Club members combine for $1,000,000 in revenue.

To make that happen things need to move quickly.

This is what I expect to see:

A blog that launched on November 24, 2016 and by January 19, 2017 had alread received 410,873 pageviews.

Nothing spectacular was needed. No magic. No luck.

Just follow the methods in the courses and these things will happen to you.

What Rachel has to say...

When I first read Scrivs's post on Obstacle.co about the 7 different blog niches, it resonated with me in ways not a lot of lot of other services could.

Why? It was truthful, funny, and honest. It felt like I was listening to a neighbor and not a sales person.

I immediately signed up for the the Blogging Bootcamp. For 12 days, I got more funny. I got more honest. I got more truth. When I replied to an email, I got a response back (which was a first for me).

Thus, signing up for the Billionaire Blog Club seemed like the right thing to do. Even for somebody a little hesitant to drop the money for a blog that hadn't launched yet.

Since day one of joining, I've had community. The lessons Paul provided were intriguing, with the right mix of professional, intelligence, and personalism. The videos contained logical formulas that made everything make sense. I mean, heck, for all the blogs he has... It makes sense that there is very much a pattern to starting a blog successfully.

And Paul practices what he preaches. In our Slack community he continues to guide us on a personal level. Not only that, he learns with us. None of this "pay to get an hour of his time" crap. If I had a question, he had an answer. Not just for me. For anybody.

I launched my blog less than a month after joining. I've put in the work and applied the formulas. I've also fiddled with some things he hasn't taught me. He encourages me to try, learn, and grow.

At close to the end of my 90 day mark from launching, I have over 25,000 page views on my blog. My Pinterest account went from 4 following to over 250 following. Two pins have almost 1000 repins. And my Instagram has blossomed to over 3500 followers.

I get it. There are a lot of how to start a blog services out there. And some just seem so corny and pushy that you want to run far far away from it all.

But if you have a passion you want to share through blogging, you will find more value in Billionaire Blog Club than you will ever imagine. You'll also find fun and friendship. If you are willing to put in the work you'll get the results.

I sure did.


Premium Courses

Currently there are three premium courses available within the Billionaire Blog Club.

What is a premium course?

It's a course that I feel comfortable calling the best course you can find on a specific topic. They are also the only courses that you can buy individually if you do not wish to get a Pro Membership to the Billionaire Blog Club.

Signing up for the Pro Membership to the Billionaire Blog Club gets you access to these premium course for life. That includes all updates.

Of course, more will be added in the future.

There are mini-courses that cover topics like SEO, Google Analytics, WordPress and Content Creation.

Over time, these will be expanded into Premium Courses.

Choosing a Niche ($29)

You want to get started off on the right foot with your blog and that means choosing a niche that makes sense for you.

In this course, I'll show you the framework that I use for choosing the perfect niches for my blogs.


Only Available to BBC Members

Billionaire Pinterest ($199)

There is a lot going on with blogging. So much that it can be hard to wrap your head around everything.

This 12-day bootcamp will guide you through the bigger picture of blogging to help you see what is really needed to build a blog that makes money.


Check it out

Billionaire Affiliate Marketing ($249)

This isn't your basic How to start a blog blog post. This is a giant, free guide on the crazy things that need to be done to build a great blog that you absolutely love.

You might want to grab a coffee because this one is going to take some time to get through.


Check it out

Mini-Courses & Books

Of course, you can't just learn about mastering Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing and expect to succeed with your blog.

There is so much you need to learn over time and what makes the Billionaire Blog Club so special is that new mini-courses are added throughout the year to address these smaller topics.

Current mini-courses inside of the Billionaire Blog Club include:

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Creation

With your purchase of a lifetime BBC Membership you also get the 150+ page book, Billionaire Blogging Pinterest Manual.

This means that with a single, one-time payment you get access to over 100+ valuable videos that will help you along your blogging journey and the library of videos is only going to grow.

The Billionaire Blog Club isn't a learning resource that will require you to go looking elsewhere for more information.

Problem #2: The People You Surround Yourself With Aren’t Helping You Grow

Is it a strange coincidence that the biggest bloggers in a niche all seem to know each other?

You can sign up for 6 different newsletters and in one week all 6 are promoting the same product.

I'm going to show you how you can build a pretty successful blog without building relationships and then I'm going to show you how to build a ridiculously successful blog by building relationships.

The more connections you have the better your chances of success.

You've written an awesome blog post and need relevant blogs to promote it. Where do you go? A random Facebook Group where everyone is spamming their links or a tight-knit community that is glad to help because they know you will return the favor?

Ready to launch a product and want to use affiliates? You'll have a whole community eager to promote and make money along with you.

Most importantly, you get a chance to surround yourself with people with the same goals and ambitions as you.

What Kim has to say...

I joined BBC October 2, 2017. In the last 18 days, I have seen my email list grow by 67% and my Pinterest engagement increase by a whopping 220%. I haven’t even worked through half of the courses yet! All of the sudden, meeting my goals seems very possible. In fact, I may have set my sights too low!

To demonstrate just how much value Scrivs adds to the BBC membership, here’s a true story. I was trying to research popular blog post content in my niche on Pinterest, like I saw in the Content Creation course. I was getting super frustrated because I couldn’t find the repin number anywhere. It seems Pinterest had made some changes. I posted a question to Slack and by the next day, Scrivs made a video showing me the new way to find the repin info. Not just a quick answer, A VIDEO!

Thanks so much for providing me with a blueprint on how to develop and grow my blog. You’re awesome!


The Community

Something of this magnitude requires a bit more than just a Facebook Group that people visit every once in a while and usually just fill up with spam and basic questions anyways.

No, Billionaire Blog Club deserves community features worthy of people that are going to make 7 figures over the next couple of years.

Slack Group

A real-time communication channel that is open 24/7.

It's like working in an office where you get to chat up with other bloggers, ask questions, and share whatever you want.

Power Network

Kind of like a social network but instead of worrying about people's birthdays or their favorite movies, you get to see how well their site is doing and what things they are doing to improve it.

How great would it be to see the traffic a site is getting or the revenue that it makes without waiting for an income report?

Build relationships that will boost the both of you to the next level.

Interviews with top bloggers

You are always learning and one of the best ways to learn is by getting insights from top bloggers in different niches.

Discounts on Blog Tools

To make money you need to spend money but you don't need to spend all of your money.

Get exclusive discounts from software vendors that will allow you to speed things up with your blog.

Monthly Video Chats

Every month I'll jump on a video chat and share with you all of the details about my blog businesses and what is going on.

You'll also get a chance to ask me questions and drink some wine with me.

What Marlena has to say...

I found Scrivs’s work on Pinterest when I was searching for posts on how to find a blog niche. His post on profitable niches was eye opening for me and I decided to search around his site and found the Billionaire Blog Club.

At the time I knew nothing about Scrivs other than the above mentioned blog post, but I liked his writing was impressed with the way he treats his business like an experiment, ensuring he knows what he is doing before teaching others. I decided to take the chance and signed up!

Well, I have to say that I have learned more from his Pinterest course than all the other (many, many) Pinterest courses I have taken.

His trainings are short, to the point, and up to date. Best of all they are action oriented and I’ve been able to make significant changes in my blog and Pinterest by implementing what he taught me.

One of the things I like most is that he has a bit different message to offer about blogging and does not just say what everyone else is saying. He does not teach fluff. When he disagrees with something or chooses to do something differently, he tells you exactly why and how it has affected his business. He gives you lots of food for thought to make decisions about your blogging business.

I’ve been so impressed with his program and with him as a person. I highly recommend his course to everyone. He is approachable, has always answered my emails, and has shown dedication to helping other bloggers become profitable. At the time of this email, his course is a STEAL, worth way more than what he charges.


The Extras

The goal with Billionaire Blog Club is to continuously add resources that will help you succeed with your blog. That means going above and beyond courses.

Inside the Billionaire Blog Club you'll find a couple of extra sections.

Blog Paths

What's the point in learning all of this blog stuff if you don't know what to do and in what order?

Blog Paths walk you step-by-step through different tasks (like launching your blog) and show you how I do everything with my blogs.


We all need some inspiration and sometimes the best inspiration comes from being challenged.

With Challenges you are given a specific task that you must accomplish with your blog.

Are you willing to accept the challenge of getting 100 pageviews for your blog? You’ll get to see all of the members that have completed the challenge.


Have you ever seen those Facebook Groups where everyone spams their blog links but nobody really helps out anybody else?

Those places suck.

In the Member Exchange you get to post a task (leave a comment, pin an image, like a Facebook post), and members complete your task to earn points which allow them to post more of their own tasks.

This ensures that the community is constantly helping each other out without one person just doing things for themselves.

Pinterest Group Board Directory

It can be pretty hard getting into Pinterest Group Boards. In the Pinterest Group Board Directory you can find group boards owned by other Billionaire Blog Club Members.

It's always good to know people.


Sometimes you can't be on Facebook or Slack 24/7 but you want to ask a question and get people's opinions.

This is where the Discussions are good to have because they allow you to hold a discussion on your own time.

More Kind Words from Current Members

What JT has to say...

I've been fortunate to have known or work with extremely successful people in my time on Wall Street. I'll let you in on a little secret: most of them don't do it alone. Most had a mindset for learning, got coaching, and had strong community of like-minded strivers.

Learning: For something like blogging, these video courses have been the most effective for me because I can rewind them to see exactly what is being done over and over again until I get it. Especially with the more technical topics, it's just more efficient to watch the video than read about it.

Coaching and Community: I cannot overstate the power of the slack community. If we have questions, Paul is so responsive with answers or thoughtful critiques. Plus, he's hilarious.

I've never been part of a more supportive and helpful community. I'm part of many big Facebook groups, and some are great, but because of slack, the formality disappears so you're able to have a dialogue with Paul or members of the group.

In this course and community, we work hard, we help hard, and we end up laughing a lot along the way.


What Ashlynn has to say...

After my EBA experience, I became extremely wary of blogging courses. I was determined to not buy into them anymore. However, I did find a guy (Scrivs) that started a blogging evolution called BBC - Billionaire Blog Club- that is fascinating, and I signed on.

Why? Because he is insanely kind. I have interacted with him and an entire group of people who bought into the group so much since I joined. There is no other group like it. They are extremely helpful and so dedicated to blogging. It is such an inspiring experience. I’m not even an affiliate, but who cares?


What Jasmine has to say...

What can I say about BBC?!?!?

BBC has been absolutely EVERYTHING to me while I continue this blogging journey. I started this whole journey on a whim and a passion for teaching people financial literacy. Who knew blogging entailed so much and you literally need support?

BBC has been that support! BBC has been a true inspiration and motivation for me. The community is beyond awesome and will be the only blogging community hands down you will ever need! When I felt like quitting, BBC was there to encourage and say don’t give up.

When my page views were down here come BBC to the rescue increasing page view over 450% in one month.

Not only is BBC AMAZING but it’s creator (Hey Scrivs) is truly a heaven sent! Not only is he helping me change my life but he’s helping me change others and I will forever be grateful! Thank you!


What Dorian has to say...

Being a part of the BBC has been and still is an amazing adventure. It’s like summer camp that never ends. But at the same time, if you are not ready to put in the work, it’s probably not for you.

As a veteran of the blogosphere, Scrivs knows his stuff and teaches solid information for all bloggers. Not only is he knowledgeable of many topics, he is also patient with his students mentoring them to do great things. To learn from such a successful blogger with a proven record, even in a one on one session has been extremely appreciated.

BBC has a clean user interface and getting around is super easy. The courses contain video content and tasks that you can easily start implementing. There is so much value packed into each course ranging from content creation to affiliate marketing to search engine optimization and so much more. Most importantly, updates and features are always being added especially since we live in this ever-changing blogging and social media community.

There are so many bonuses included especially the webinars, newsletters and the deep dive into Scrivs’ own Pinterest strategy. Additionally, the Private Slack group is extra special because it’s where members (seasoned and novice) interact with each other daily. I would consider it a mastermind group. If you have a problem, someone can help you solve it. I appreciate the camaraderie of like-minded bloggers who are all rooting for each other to succeed. The members challenge each other, but they also help by providing shared experiences no matter where you are on your blogging journey.

Lastly, we have fun. It is not a college course where someone is lecturing you. It is a family like atmosphere, building relationships with other bloggers and learning how to take our blogs and/or businesses to the next level one step at a time.

Dorian McKinney

Here is what Lynette has to say...

Scrivs is the real deal. He gives you bottom line information without wasted time promoting himself. You’ll love his easy to understand courses. His personal feedback on content I created has been invaluable to me.



Will this stuff work for any blog topic?

While I try my best to make the knowledge I share universal for all bloggers if you aren't sure if your niche will work well with what I teach in the Billionaire Blog Club then shoot me an email at scrivs@billionaireblogclub.com and let's talk.

Is this just another how to make money course?

Sigh, it's like you don't even listen to me anymore.

I build brands that last me as long as I want.

I want you to build a business that you can be proud of and the blog is just one extension of that business.

What you learn in the BBC are the foundational tools that will set your forward on an upward climb.

Do you offer support?

The purpose of creating the Slack Community is to ensure that I'm around to help you. You are always welcome to email me or hit me up in the Slack Community when you have questions.

This isn't a journey you take on your own.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you aren't pleased with what is offered in the BBC I offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

However, if there is even a second of doubt that you won't follow through on all of the things that you will learn and the valuable relationships that you will build in the Billionaire Blog Club then don't purchase.

The last thing I want is for you to come to me and tell me you just don't have time so you want your money back.

I provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed but I can't provide you with time.

I will guarantee that you will receive all of the courses and videos on the topics that are listed above in the curriculum. If that doesn't happen I have no problem giving you your money back.

Do I need to be active in the Club?

You don't have to be if you don't want to be. All of the courses are up so you just sign up and dive in. The pace you go at is completely up to you.

There are no homework assignments but I wouldn't be surprised if members start to set up accountability buddies.

Who are you?

Hmm, not sure how you made it to this page without knowing who I am but my name is Paul Scrivens and I've been building blog, websites, and digital products for over 14 years.

You can find out more about me at Obstacle.co.

If I join does it make us Thunder Buddies?

Only time will tell.


Of course, this can't be the Billionaire Blog Club if standout people don't enroll.

Each month 100 people will get in. That's it.

Once this club reaches 1,000 people the doors are closed until some people wish to give up their spot.

This should be an exclusive club of bloggers that are taking this serious and aiming for 6 and 7-figure years with their blog.

If you just want to make some money with your blog there are plenty of free blog posts out there that will help you.


The current enrollment price is $499 for a lifetime membership (today only). That's as much as a single course cost on most sites and even less than other courses!

You can easily cancel at any time. You don't have to email me, call me, write me a letter or take me out to dinner.

Join the Party

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Payment Information

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